According to Brian Frisch, John Denver is the grandfather of industrial music. “His later material was very experimental and influenced many early industrial artists.”
The most industrial of all bands is :WUMPSCUT:. Of course, all real industrial bands are from Germany. Who cares if you don’t know what they are saying, it sounds cool! Anyways, most Industrial music is about two things: War and the tragedies of War.

Below are bands listed that are part of the Insta Rivet ElectroIndustrial HardcoreAggressivePower NoizEBMColdwave Mix. You know an Industrial Compilation is good if it includes any of those words, and this compilation includes ALL those words!

There is an elitist rift that will not recognize bands that use guitars as Industrial. Of course, this would exclude KMFDM, 16 Volt, Razed in Black and Acumen Nation. But of course, they use guitars so they are crap.
The Insta Rivet compilation includes a few bands that use guitars, just so our users can have a complete look at Industrial music.

A fine mix indeed of ‘old school’, guitar based, electro industrial, etc.
Nunboi would also like to add that Stomp (The Musical) has been be “experimental, as “they bang on stuff.”

What are we missing? Granted, I am still stuck in the late 90’s, early 2000’s for industrial music, so comment below with what’s good to listen to these days.

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  1. WTF? What happened to all the movies and music that used to be listed for this subculture? What happened to the poster kids? Not sure when it changed…I used to come here years ago.

    1. Hey hey,
      The movies and music are still there, but I set it up in a visual way versus a big list. Does the amazon display not load for you?

      The poster kids are currently deactivated due to technical issues. 🙁

    2. As you can tell by the tardiness of my reply, the site has been pretty much put on hold and I never got time to update all the pages 🙁

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