Get out there and support your local Industrial scene, even if it is rife with Gothic drama!

Make sure to also mention on your local industrial mailing list how you have been making Industrial music since 1994 (same year that Downward Spiral came out, but no.. that is just a coincidence) and performed at Der Badeszimmer in Germany, which closed in 1998. Tons of rad ass industrial bands got their start at this underground club, including KOMPRESSOR@ KOMPRESSORMUSIC is powerful with word might and electronic, no guitar.

Once at the club, make sure to have your long black trench coat, round mirrored sunglasses and big black cowboy hat on. Show how Old Skool industrial you are by looking like Al Jourgenson! Lurk in the corners, or if you have the balls, go try to dance. Oggle the Goth chicks but don’t even try to hit on them. You are too much man for those wussy Goths (and every Rivet girl knows that she is ALSO too much man for those pesky Goths). Just stare at their cleavage.

And of course, if you are in the U.S., you must make the journey to Los Angeles to visit the country’s biggest and best Industrial/Noiz club Das Bunker. W3rd.

Post a comment about your local industrial club. Is it cool or does it suck?

One thought on “Klubs”

  1. here in Melbourne there’s a club called DV8 (get it, Deviate?) that is the cool “goth” club that everyone goes to. It has three levels, the bottom one is for metal, mainly nu-metal and cock rock (the fliers actually call it cock rock) and lots of “rave metal” as I call it, Deathstars, remixes of real industrial metal, shit like that.

    The floor I mainly stay on I just call the dance floor (though on some weeks live bands play there) were they will occasionally play industrial but a lot of happy hardcore and house too, and a lot of Lady Gaga type pop, because all goffs are closeted dance fans (I’m not so much of a closeted one so my metal friends all laugh at me for going on this floor). The other level plays goth rock and 80’s pop and I didn’t realise it existed till about 2 weeks ago and it doesn’t have pots of beer and therefore is lame.

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