Hair.. Or lack thereof..

Like your newfound attitude and accessories, your hairstyle will also represent your minimalist attitude. Similar to punk hairstyles, a Rivethead’s hairdo is not as elaborate.
There are three hairstyles of choice. All three are for any gender.

  • Style One: Shave head completely. Remember: MINIMALIST!
  • Style Two: Buzz cut. MILITARY SYTLE
  • Style Three: Shave sides and back of head. Leave hair on top long, but not past shoulders. Feel free to add dreaded extensions to this look.
    Goth girls are very attracted to extensions.

Of course, hair should be kept at a basic color such as black. Please do not attempt green, orange or pink. You might be mistaken as a Raver, and could get your ass jumped by fellow rivetheads. If so, let us all learn a safety word so that in case of a situation like this, we can be safe.

When you accidentally wear too much neon, and see that violent glimmer in the other rivetheads’ eyes, yell out “Skinny Puppy rules! Ogre is a GOD!” really quick, and they will probably let you be.

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