Stompity Stomp Stomp!

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Rivetheads are angry! Not angsty! This anger is especially seen while dancing.
Since all industrial music is loud and throbbing (in an angry way, not in a Raver happy way), then stomping, elbowing and aggressive moves are a must on the dance floor. If there is a Goth that lost it’s way and is inhabiting the same space as you, make sure to ward it off by making fists, and rapidly shoving your arms out towards them, along with stomping loudly. If there is a Raver, just STOMP, and do us all a favor.

Examples of dancing in mini movies!!

Feel free to submit your own:

“Beating an Invisible Object” Download Here – Courtesty of Keramik

There are a few different types of “dance moves” that would entail Industrial dance:

  • The “Air Traffic Controller” : Arms are never in a bended position. Legs are almost always straight, unless in mid stomp. Arms whipped back and forth.
    Land that plane! Land…the.. plaaane!
  • The “This is how they dance in Germany!”: Arms straight at side, with fists clenched. Look partly down. Stomp out with right foot, then out with left foot.
    Stomp BACK with left foot, then back with right foot. Repeat.
  • The “I am on CRACK!”: Jerk your body. Spasm more than a Front Line Assembly song title. You must do this for five songs straight. NO rests. Splatter sweat everywhere! Girls love this dance. Very impressive.
  • The “I have no rhythm shuffle” : This one is really easy to do, you have to be either extremely shy or have no rhythm at all.
    You can’t really dance rough or fast but you’re not about to dance like some faggotty goth pansy.
    So what do you do? Hunch over like a monkey and just kind of stomp lightly to the music.
    This shows the tortured, bottled up agression.
  • The “disco air traffic controller”: just like the air traffic controller dance but think DISCO!
    You need more tricky spins, flashy moves because we all know that chicks dig it.
    Feel free to spend your spare time choreographing certain songs for optimal perfection.
  • “This is how they dance in Germany”: (aka “The Rooster”) Stomp back and forward with your head bobbing, arms straight by your side or behind your back.

If you can think of any other types of Industrial booty bouncin’, Email me with your descriptions.

Dance styles other Rivetheads have experienced:


  • Heiki Crab Soldier:Generally done while wearing leg armor, the Heiki Crab Soldier is a dance done by spreading your legs beyond shoulder width, thus lowering your center of gravity (and your torso) closer to the ground. After setting yourself into the stance, stomp to the beat, moving in a forward and sideways motion, generally like you’re circling prey. While doing so the arms can do generally 2 things: hang limp in front of you, swaying with the stomp, or lashing out like a pair of crab pincers grabbing and tearing prey. I’ve only seen it done at Sanctuary in SLC and at The Dawning in Charlottesville, VA.
  • Spring Heel Jack: Not one i’m very found of, but i’ve seen it done far more than i care to see it, so i may as well report: begin by placing one foot forward, like you had just taken a stride, and stopped. From this position, rock your weight forward, then backwards, springing off of your back leg to “skip” forward, repeat by springing off of your front leg, then back, then front, etc. The hands are generally either kept in a very open “boxing” stance (with punches occasionally thrown) or one held above the head punching forward on the beat. As a side note, this dance is normally done by “spring stomping” off the beat while the air punch is on beat thus making it obvious that you have no rhythm. I’ve only seen this one done at Sanctuary in SLC, UT


  • ‘the cockroach stomp’stomp to the rhythm.

    head down, arms to you sides, head up, eyes closed and stomp around like
    your crushing imaginary cockroaches (or ravers).

    do this back and fourth, and side to side clearing a nice space for
    yourself on the dance floor.

    the girls love it.

    and you look good if you do it right

  • ‘im tortured’similar to the cockroach stomp, except instead of having your arms to
    your sides, you can either grab your head, or writhe in pain (or both)
    creating that ‘im being tortured by the dark inside me, but im still
    dancing’ look.

    again, very effective on the girls


Kung-Fu Overdrive:

One that I’ve come across and since become the ultimate master of is the
Kung-Fu Overdrive. Especially good for the more electronic end of things (in
the UK that usually means Prodigy). 1) Study several styles of kung fu to
various depths, but never getting particularly good at any of them. Reading
books about them counts. Then watch a whole load of movies to glean extra
moves. Next, form a dance made up of all the most redundant impractical moves
(especially the over complex parries), with obscure leg movements, and lots
of highly strenuous but martially useless poses. Snap into each pose/move
quickly with a tiny little pause each time, for the full b-movie kung-fu
experience. If there are any quieter sections, you can differentiate by
moving smoothly in a ‘Slowmotion TaiChi’ style. Remember, lots of useless
wrist movements, but make it look really mean, like your using the movement
to rip someones eyes out. This dance is obviously quite a good one as it gets
me chucked out of places without actually touching anyone.
Alternatively a good capoeira game at 5X the speed it’s meant to be played at
will equally scare people good. But you will get kicked in the head if you
do, usually by your ‘friend’.


The Pee Pee dance:

OK here’s one my friends and I have been making fun of for years. We dubbed it the pee pee dance because it looks as though the dancer has to pee really bad and can’t decide which way to turn. It’s actually sort of a variation on the “rooster” or as we call it, “the chicken on crack” . You sort of stomp back and forth, with hands clutched tight into the body, near the crotch area. You get a twisted, uncomfortable look on your face.I think the facial expression is what makes it..And there you have the pee pee dance.This is one we used to see at Kontrol Faktory and now see at Perversion a lot.

Joe Nobody:

  • the windmill on crack:
    make 2 fists, and swing them around windmill style so that you bag anyone
    behind you and deck anyone in front.
  • the “break my ribs”:
    nothing much to this one. just get into the most violent part of the pit,
    then stick your fists straight up in the air, leaving your ribs and gut wide
    open for elbows and shoulders.
  • the “suicide headbutt”:
    stand outside of the pit, hold your arms behind your back and run in
    headfirst as hard and fast as you can.
  • the joust:
    this involves a friend. if the shows a little dull, grab a sadistic buddy
    and stand a ways away. then at a signal run at eachother and at the last
    second jump. when you jump do random stuff, like curl up or give a big
    elbow. very crazy, very fun.

Punk Slayer:

The Fish/Bass Dance:

Quite simple. Jump up in the air while wiggling your body like your a fish dangling from a fishing pole. And if you wanna add a little spice to it, open your eyes up real wide and do the donut smile to resemble a fishes face as you do the dance.


Fighting Invisible Ninjas (Both Large And Small):

You failed to mention the “Fighting Invisible Ninjas (Both Large And Small)” danse (spelled with an “s” for extra pretension). Basically you have two opponents: Tiny little invisible ninjas, and large invisible ninjas. The tiny invisible ninjas are swarming all around you at your feet. You must stomp them into the ground to stay alive. Try to stomp with the beat, of course. Now here’s the tricky part… While you are stomping the tiny ninjas, you must also fend off the large invisible ninjas. So you punch punch punch into the air. They never attack you from the same position twice in a row. Ninja behind you!! *spin, stomp, punch* Ninja attacking from above!! *stomp, punch, stomp* Ninja diving in front of you!! *stomp, kick, stomp, punch!!* Occasionally you must focus your “chi” into a devastating invisible ninja attack. This is what the Disko Air Traffik Kontrollers are all practicing. *stomp, spin, spin, flail, flail, KAME HAME HAA!!!!* This danse is especially popular at Perversion in Hollywood.


Throwing Smurfs:

Plant one foot ahead of the other. Tuck the arm of the forward foot in
to body, then lunge forwards touching outstretched foot with the other
arm. Feet should stay planted at all times. Sort of like the
industrial chicken dance, but the idea is to give the impression that
you have trapped a smurf under that outstretched boot, and you are now
reaching down to rip his little blue head off. Fling the imaginary
smurf head behind you, and repeat. You may incorporate a kick to switch
from one leg to another. Very popular with Canadian Rivetheads!


Muay Thai:

My style is loosly based on Thai-boxing footwork, with some inspiration from Indonesian Silat- quick turns and stepping at angles. Throw in some elbows, pendulum knee-strikes, and Silat-type arm flailing, and you have a compact, disciplined, and athletic routine. Dance like you fight, fight like you dance, and you’re ready for anything.


The Drowning Gopher:

Dog paddle your hands in front of your chest and bob
your head – kind of like a raver, but without your hands so high. Seen this
one lots in Southern California.

BTW, I’ve always called “The Rooster” the “Funky Shit-Kickin'”. It’s just a
variation where they jerk their upper torso, hold their arms close to their
body and kind of flap ’em like chicken wings.


There seem to be scorpians on the ground. The Goths are busy swatting
at flies, Rivetheads need to stomp out those pesky scorpians on the
ground. Stomp, crush, kill and make a puddle of that nasty little


karate tweeker:

think disk0 air traffik k0ntr0ller. then think
bruce lee m0vie. St0mp! KIK!! P0int!. JAB!. 2steps left, st0mp back.
m0ve s0 fukking much all your metal and shit makes m0re n0ize than the
klub’z PA system. yer elite.

Popav Vodka

“The One Man Mosh Pit:

Just like it sounds. Mostly stomping around throwing punches, kicking the
shit out of something thats just not there. Kind of like you are fighting
off a pack of mechanized munkies. The trick is to look like your the one
who’s kicking the munkies ass, not vice versa… CHICKS DO NOT DIG A MAN WHO
Sprite: Courtesy doesn’t apply to you. feel free to drag others into your


“The CircleStompPit: Sort of like a mosh pit, but with much stomping, and done to ‘Gelobnis’ by P.A.L.”

(sykospark says: so true. I have seen this one in effect many time at Club Perversion in Hollywood.)

Dance moves from Vic Fatale- front man for X-acto Mayhem:

“The “What the fuck are you pointing at?!” basically is like the Disko Air
Traffik Kontroller, but you point at everything and everybody. We all know
pointing is rude, and if you dance really fast, you can poke someone in
the eye (but that’s why you wear goggles). ”

“The “Figure-8 march”. Stomp motherfuckers! Stomp in a figure-8 or oval.
Make sure everyone thinks you’ll run them over and look like you’ll run them
over. Why? Because you will! You’re industrial, you’re a hardass! Act like it!”

Vindictive Sprite:

“Remember, the key is to look as indimidating/hardcore as physically possible,
feel free to mouth the lyrics or even scream them out, especially if they’re obscene, in German, or both. Also remember, courtesy doesn’t apply to you, your a badass dancer and if anyone thinks otherwise they can kiss your ass.
Feel free to step on/run over anyone who is foolish enough to get in front of your flailing limbs.”


“Stomp. That’s what the big heavy steel toed bolts through ankles boots
are for. Flex. Ram into other dancers. Yell wordlessly. If
you can launch your angry mass of metal and computer parts into a lost
raver or a Punk, do it. Just make sure not to impale yourself on the punk’s

We missing one? Post a comment below with alternatives!

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