The Industrial subculture is a break off of Punk and an odd amalgram of Punk, Goth, and perhaps a dash of Metalhead. It contains a dystopic view of the future, a characteristic garnered by cyberpunk novels by Gibson. Go read Neuromancer.

How to make sure your literature is dystopian:

First line of Neuromancer: “The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.”

Line I made up in my head: “The adorable android smiled and asked,”How many I serve you today, my master that I shall never betray!”

I didn't smile even when I was human

If you are still confused as to what is utopian, go watch Star Trek. All rivetheads are trekkies,they just won’t admit it. (Although they might admit to thinking the Borg is “cool”.)

Aside from being well versed in cyberpunk literature, there is a particular, almost non expressive attitude you must put forth. The only emotion you can emit is anger. You are angry at the world, angry at technology, angry at the government, and angry that your parents didn’t get you the right Care Bear for Christmas when you were 6.

Remember, the trick is to sound as hardcore as possible. Saying things like “I’m so industrial that I shit kogs* and *I’m so industrial I floss with barbed wire*” is definitely acceptable. They inspire terror and respect in all the lesser beings (ravers, hippies, etc).

As a side note: “K’s” have been designated an industrial letter, use them whenever you can. i.e. klub, klothes, kandy, krap. Deliberately mispell words to make them seem harsher i.e. skool, werk, projekt.

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