Tired of staring at static on your tv screen? To 31337 to bother watching network television’s spew, and tired ofthe pathetic excuse for p0rn the spice channel has? Insta Rivet Kit lets you now choose two of any of the following movies that no Rivethead should be without.

Rivetrat could kick your ass

Rivetheads are all about digital. Don’t be an analogawoogie head by going VHS. And don’t whine about not having a DVD player either. Who cares if you have one or not? Just saying you /have/ the DVD itself will make people automatically think you have something to play it on, and they were therefore think you are all hi-tech.

You can click on the links to buy the movies, or you can just freakin’ rent them all for free with netflix. I use this service because Blockbuster (COCKbuster) pushed me too fucking far one day (they made fun of MewTwo returns! MEWTWO IS HARDCORE INDUSTRIAL) and have shit selection and are closed every time I want to rent a movie (hey, it isn’t my fault I am usually awake all night). SO rock on , and rent all the movies you want with netflix.

Here are some movie suggestions mailed in by other rivetheads:

We missing anything? Comment below and let us know!

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