The Industrial subculture is a minimalist subculture. You must reflect the sparse emotions that you feel on the inside.
Goths have too much emotion, therefore they are covered head to toe in all that gothy junk. Rivetheads have only the essentials.

Note a similarity in all the above mentioned items? All are high tech, futuristic stuff and are pure essentials for a Rivethead.
Show your dissatisfaction with the modern day and age by exhibiting tokens of a dystopic future.
Get a barcode tattoed to the back of your head. Show that you are part of the mechanized system. Who cares if the barcode is of Creamed corn or a can of coke, no one will know but you.

This is probably for creamed corn

Barcodes can actually be functional when you get them tattooed onto your body, so put it somewhere that will make you seem like a mass produced product, like on your forehead or hand.
Hint: Home Depot is your version of “Claire’s Boutique”. Get a frequent buyer’s club, because you are going to be walking around with screws, bolts, rusty chain necklaces and other fun items. Wearing computer parts like a printer cable or network cards will assist in that cyberpunk look.
Alchemy suggests “wear a soldering iron and the roll of solder! If you look like you belong in an old Soviet war factory, you’ve just about done it. Also try to incorporate things from the USSR if you can — the huge factories belching smoke, steel girders, the sharp screech of steel grinding on steel… very much the sound of your angry scream. But don’t dwell on that or else you’ll sound like a whiny Goth. ”

What do you like to wear to the clubs or around town?

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