Girl Punk Fashion – Accessories

There are a few necessary girl punk fashion items (guys – all yours as well if you wanna be all that extra edgy) that will establish you into the Punk subculture. Here are the ones that come with the Insta Punk Kit:

  • Spiked Collar – when people ask if it is a dog collar, you must bark at them! Woof Woof! This will scare them, and make you look even meaner!
  • Spiked bracelet – If a Goth comes too close, threaten to snare your bracelet on their fishnet stockings!
  • Spiked belt – This isn’t a bondage belt. That is for Goths! Spiked belts will free you up seats on the bus or subway.
  • Chains – Lots of them! Hang them off your pants and around your neck. Makes you look extra tough!
  • Weird Suspenders – aside from ones connected on bondage pants, which should be attached to the D-rings on the knee area
  • Skateboard – Think Bart Simpson. Trouble maker. Bad ass. Skateboarding is banned in all cool public places. Be defiant, and chisle off the anti-skateboarding crap that the city puts up their to protect their goddamn parks. Fuck you, authority!

A punk can never have too many spikes; girl punk fashion includes lots of spikes n’ leather and bad ass symbols. Punk is about subverting the mainstream by poking it with spikes and is a political comment about the tyranny of the masses against spikes. Or at least, it was.

Girl Punk Fashion

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