Oral History of Punk Rock – Learn through Punk Movies

Oral History of Punk RockStuck at home, bored to death? Grounded, so you can’t go out and wreak havoc? Want an oral history of punk rock provided to you in not just audio, but visual stimulation as well? The Insta Punk Kit now has the list of punk movies available for those that need an oral and visual guide!

  • Sid and Nancy: Siiiid! Siiiiid! We don’t look trashy enough! I can’t believe that was Gary Oldman!
  • SLC Punk: What do punks from OTHER boring states (like Utah) do?
  • The Filth and the Fury – A Sex Pistols Film : A documentary about the Sex Pistols.
  • Hard Core Logo:The punk version of Spinal Tap!
  • Taxi Driver: Robert DeNiro gets a C0re mohawk and slaughters people in what was the most violent film of it’s time. It also has Jodie Foster as like, a 14 year old prostitute. It’s rad. I love this movie.
  • Suburbia: Alienated teens in suburbia rebel! REBEL!
  • Rock n’ Roll High School: Has The Ramones as the movie’s soundtrack, for chrissakes!
  • The Outsiders : This movie is based on a book written by S.E Hinton. The movie is based on a young boy named Ponyboy. The whole movie is about some tough greasers and how they have their own tough community on the wrong side of the racks. Ponyboy’s friend Johnny accidentally kills some preps known in the story as socs (short for Socials). Ponyboy and Johnny hide out in an abandoned church until the story of the murder comes down. From my point of view this in a way represents punks and how they are tough in a different way.
  • European Vacation : After winning a tour package in a game show, the bickering Griswald family carve a trail of destruction through England (where they knock over Stonehenge), France, Germany, and Italy. Somehow Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo), the mom, gets kidnapped by gangsters, leading to a car chase that reunites the family, despite their differences.
  • “Return of the Living Dead” . The punks there fell prey to the cemetery Zombies.
    Another is “American Werewolf in London“, they played nice cameo there.

  • Short Circut 2 : Johnny 5 takes a pic of 2 what seem to be “very hard core punks” then refers to them as “human porcupines”!
  • American History X : Edward Norton, nazi punks, and just a really awesome movie.
  • Velvet Underground:Taking place in the glam-rock era, this flick is way tight and about a Billy Idol-ish character who the viewer can watch destroy his life with the use of drugs, sex, etc. One can really see the emergence of the punk scene from this movie.
  • Repo Man : Emelio Estevez plays pissed off so cal street punk in early 80s, gets fired and starts chasing alien cars for a living. the best scene is when they are listening to circle jerks and the mohawk punk keeps banging his head into the concrete wall.
  • Romper Stomper:a movie about nazi punks in Australia.
  • Tank Girl: This movie is about a punk chick who takes no shit from anyone. She drives a tank (duh) and, for some reason, likes to fuck a whole lot.
  • American Psycho: its perfect for the punk kids that like “underground” movies that make no sense. Plus its full of violence and what punk movie isn’t?
  • Fight Club: even though it has a “ravery” and some what mid gothic taste is pretty punk too, I mean a buch of people that shave their heads (skins and punks) destroying things for the fuck of it, and a psycho freak dude to top it all offf, it’s not about the punk sceen but it very well should have been !
  • Clockwork Orange: Don’t even ask how many people have emailed me about this movie.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Through the movie Danny had a Sid & Nancy
    shirt on.

  • Clerks: I think clerks is an awesome punk movie, its a low budget black and white
    movie that a bunch of friends filmed with Jay and Silent Bob.

  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer: I vote for “Henry” as punk rawk movie for all time. serial killers are veddy punk.
  • GG Allin: Hated
  • Night of the Living Dead: This one is sooooo cute with the choreographed punk dance scenes and the zombies. A must in all poser punk collections. Sykospark notes: “cute?”
  • Road Warrior : It’s the second movie in the mad max trilogy and is the fucking shit…..it has an entire army of post apocalyptic punks killing and fucking shit up.

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