90s Punk Fashion – Piercings

90s Punk FashionA real punk feels the pain of society as it tries to oppress the people. Back in the 1990s, 90s punk fashion included a surge in piercings. As a punk, it would be advisable to run down to your local piercer and get as much metal inserted into your face and ears as possible if you want to replicate 90s punk fashion. Even today’s punk fashion should include as many piercings as possible!
But NOT a tongue piercing! That is for hippies and ravers. You are a punk. You want your piercings to be seen! Labrets are good, Monroes are not. You want to look spiky, not reminiscent of a 20th century sex goddess.

Have your piercings match your body. If your hair is in a spiked mohawk (which it should be if you want to be a punk), and you are wearing the designated spiked collar and bracelets, then your punk piercings should be all spikes as well. In fact, if you can just have spikes inserted on your wrists and neck, then you get extra punk rock bonus points.

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