Punk Fashion Girls and Boys

The Insta Punk Kit comes with the basic apparel for providing punk fashion girls and boys style. All the punk clothes have a particular meaning within the punk subculture.

The following is what comes with the Insta Punk Kit: for punk fashion girls or boys:

  • Bondage Pants – Red Plaid or badass black
  • Black Sex Pistols T-shirt – sleeves torn off
  • Doc Martens – beat up, 10 hole.
  • Union Jack bandana– tie around leg.
  • Dirt – smear effectively for that “dirty” look.
  • Converse Hi-Tops – for the Old Skool look and when you are sick of the blisters from your docs

Punk Fashion GirlsDon’t change your clothes, as you want to make it look like you have worn them forever. The Union Jack symbol looks like this:
Punk Fashion Girls

The Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom, as that is where the punk rock subculture originated from. It would be in your best interest to research the origins of punk. It is well known fact that in order to be accepted into the subculture, you will be given an oral and written examination on the history of punk from 1975-current day, as well as the meaning of the clothing.

Good luck!

Remember, punks originated resistance with their use of safety pins stuck through the ear. By manipulating an everyday object, the punks were able to strike fear in the hearts of the hegemonic masses. We here at the Insta Punk Kit want to ensure that you are able to resist the dominant ideology, and join forces with the Punk subculture! So go out, buy a pack of safety pins, and go hog wild. Try to manipulate another household object to create a different, “alternative” meaning…like toilet paper, or seran wrap. Go out and manipulate! Oi! Oi!

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