Punk Pride and Attitude

Here at the Insta Punk Kit, we want to make sure that you will be able to fit into your new subculture. Once you get the style, you must have punk pride and have the right punk attitude!

If asked a question that you are not sure of, just yell “Punk Rock!” in your most defiant voice. When getting odd stares from passersby (which you should be getting if you did your hair right) then you must respond by staring right into their eyes and going “Oi! Oi! Oi!”. This word, “oi”, is pronounced “Oy”. Beware not to say it too often, as you don’t want to sound like Popeye the Sailor Man or a bird during mating season.

The way you walk must now reflect your clothes. If wearing the bondage pants correctly and trying to break in your Doc Martens, then you will have to work extra hard due to these restrictions. Make it look like your feet aren’t dying from blisters and that your gait isn’t THAT restricted from the bondage pants. Stomp, or walk tough, and have a slight swagger to show off your punk pride. Keep a sneer on your face, and only shave every other day. The only way to fit in is to have that “gutter punk” look. (To ensure this look, use the dirt included in the kit. See¬†Clothing)

Although you are wearing about $200.00 worth of clothing, you still want to beg for change, then laugh at people who give it to you. Don’t forget to get wasted every night and puking on yourself! Vodka provides the best stench of all.

If still in a school system, then make sure you know the correct things to doodle on your notebooks (or punk rock decal for your Macbook), desks, and especially your tests.  Scholastics is no longer of importance to you. You are a punk! Oi!
Proper doodles:

  • Anarchy symbols
  • Any old school Punk Rock name (Sex Pistols, Rancid, The Vandals)
  • Draw X’s on your hands – Str8 edge!
  • Swear words
  • Union Jacks
  • The Black Flag Bars

punk pride
WRONG things to doodle:

  • Bats
  • Flowers
  • Naked chicks
  • Peace signs

Look for the trendiest street in town, or where all the other punks hang out. Then all line up, and beg for change from the passersby!

There really isn’t much else in terms of punk pride or attitude aside from sneering and “oi! oi! oi!”ing about for the punks. That is why there are so many punk shows out there for them to congregate at. There are so many punk bands because the music only consists of three chords that are constantly repeated. If you can’t get the sneer down right, it would probably be easier for you to learn to play punk music. (See: Green Day)


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