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Punk musicThe music of the Punk subculture is the mode of expression for the punk, as punks are not the most articulate of people. Unlike the educated, albeit mopey, Goths, Punks tend to only growl when confronted with questions. Therefore, the only way to truly understand where these people are coming from is by analyzing their music.

The Insta Punk Kit comes with the Punk Rock Compilation, spanning three decades of only the truest and most meaningful of punk rock music. The following is a list of the bands included on this rockin’ compilation.

As everyone knows, the most Punk of all bands is Blink 182 with their repetitive guitar chords, whiny vocals and Orange County garage band status, they are the true essence of punk!

But wait!! According to a user that wrote me, Blink 182 has now gone EMO and can no longer be the model punk band! This person suggested Rancid, and I think that I have to agree! SO now, all my little Insta Punks, in your suburban households with your skateboards and badly done flophawks, bow down before Rancid, your new Punk g0d!

Other bands included with the Insta Punk Compilation:

Don’t forget about the East Coast/ West Coast/ UK Punk Differentiation:

East Coast – Showcase Showdown

West Coast – Dead Kennedys

UK – Sex Pistols

Collect CDs of every band you hear as being referred to as Punk, Ska, or even Hip Hop! Who cares if you don’t like Goldfinger or Black Flag? If you have the CDs, the mohawk and the look, you must be a punk! You’ll like them eventually, if you listen to them enough…

Bands suggested by all you losers out there:

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