Crazy Keywords

Here are the keywords that people have located the site with. Some of the scarier ones are a result of the offensive language in my comments page. refused to list the Insta Punk Kit in their directory BECAUSE of the language used in the comments section. Pricks. Ha!

underage kiss pics

people fucking pics

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under pants pics

under pants pics

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22crucified punk

Goth hair styles

The Casulties punk band

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hate hot topic

goth vs punk

fucking shit”

I wanna be a real skater

Nazi fashist pictures


The Crucified punk

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stereotypes against hippies

kids who dress like punkers

mohawk hair

im more punk than you

Punk Hair

Bondage Pants

punk clothing

punk clothing

80’s fasion clothes

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hair tips, spike, punk

meaningful punk

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do you have any info on punk movement

+Collars +lether +dog

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food cordinate

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“lost city angels”

what do people think about punkers

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misconceptions about peircings

Union Jack and shirt

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the language of the punk subculture

“learn to play punk”

computers are fucking queer

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blink 182 in Seventeen

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i hate preppie faggots

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spiked collar



candy ravers

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Crass crusties

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what is the Dont bye where u cant work movment ?

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Gay Raver Bois


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make me fucking laugh you bastards

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you know you are a raver if

pictures dorks losers weirdos

stereotypes of punk culture

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punk spikes and goth bondage

oi poloi

jocks fuck off

seran wrap clothes


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