Goth Girl Make Up

With the Insta Goth kit, you will be supplied with all necessary goth girl make up!

The true goth can spend HOURS on make up alone! With our recommended goth girl make up, all you need is 10 minutes. The Kit not only includes the make up, but an instructional tape to make your “goth-ing” up easy! For you goth boys out there, this applies to you as well. It just takes extra spooky cojones to wear make up outside the clubs. 🙂

Goth Girl Make up included:
Goth Girl Make Up

With just these four elements, and the instructional tape, we guarantee that your parents won’t even be able to recognize you!

Insta Goth Kit is NOT responsible for any resulting talk show appearances in the category of “My Child is a Freak, Please make them Chic!” on Ricki
Lake, Leeza, and my personal favorite, Jenny coke snortin’ Jones

The instructional tape has a wonderful demonstration from the modern day masters of gothic make up. This make up, like all of the Insta Goth Kit, is gender neutral.

In the mere 15 minutes, with the tape and make up, you will have your face transformed into that of a gothic beauty.

Quick Tip: Watch any of the talk shows featuring “My child is a Freak” day, and just copy their makeup if you want an even more “Goth than thou” look.
Quick Tip #2: Rent “The Crow“, and mimic his makeup! This is a great look for any males out there!

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