Cheap Goth Clothes

Cheap goth clothesDressing goth doesn’t have to be expensive. Cheap goth clothes can be quite simple: A basic, long black skirt and long sleeve black shirt are necessary MUSTS for any budget gothic wardrobe. You don’t need all those frilly clothes, the long drapey sleeves, and $400 dollar corsets to look Gothic!! In fact, a true goth is happy in just basic black cheap goth clothes especially if..

the fabric is velvet, as velvet is the only True Black! It will suck in and destroy any sunlight that attempts to go near your body. To be draped in black velvet is a true sign of goth-y-ness. Granted, it is difficult to wear all black, especially velvet, in summer, but you will get used to it. Included in the Kit is an instructional tape that will teach you the mental trickery that allows your body to not notice that it is overheating in 80 degree weather in all black velvet. Anyways, a few years after wearing all black, and it seems like nothing. It will also enhance your “gothability credit” if you can pull off the all black thing (with sunglasses, of course) in the middle of summer!

A true goth is a vortex of darkness. Not only must you look it, but you must BE it. The clothes allow you to become closer to the night. The clothing is like the night, dark and all encompassing, with the pale white skin of his head resembling the moon.

Although shoes are not included, it is recommended to buy the most pointy toed shoes available. The pointier the toe, the more gothy.

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