Goth Girl Hairstyles

What is on top of your head is what people will see first! There is only true goth girl hairstyle and color suitable for the true goth:


In the Insta Goth Kit you will receive the wonderful permanent Black Number 1 hair dying kit!

This will include:
Goth girl hairstyles

Instructions are included for the dying process. Don’t worry, they are not only simple, but quick! Only half an hour, and your hair will be the most permanent shade of black you will ever know and be the truest of goth girl hairstyles!

This new shade of hair color will allow your skin to look even paler, regardless of your original skin tone!

Guaranteed to leave your hair, regardless of original color, as black as your new wardrobe! Now you can match from head to toe!

Additional Goth Girl Hairstyles section:

You get extra kudos now in GothLand if you have more than two colors in your hair! If you are blessed with blond hair, go ahead and dye it black first,
just so you can get that extra bit of damage while trying to bleach it out again. The stain cleaner is for looks only. There is no way to actually
get out hair dye stains, so be prepared to hide from your mother. The seran wrap is for you to sleep in, since you can’t wash out the hair dye
for three days if you actually want it to last up to nine days on your head.

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