Goth Musicians

One of the most central part of being goth is the music you listen to. Included in the Insta Goth Kit is a list of goth musicians in the Insta Goth Music Compilation #1. Better than any mix put out by Cleopatra records, the Insta Goth Music Compilation includes all the Goth Anthem songs needed for that easy transition from mainstream to subculture.

As everyone knows, the most gothic of all bands is Marilyn Manson. “The Beautiful People” is the song of choice, taken off of “Anti Christ Superstar
Remember, anything after “Anti Christ Superstar” is GLAM, not GOTH. So stay away from the glitter!

Switchblade Symphony – “Serpentine Gallery”

Nine Inch Nails – “Closer”

black tape for a blue girl -“The Scar of a Poet”

Ministry – “Everyday is Halloween”

Type O Negative – “Black Number One”

Bauhaus – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

The Sisters of Mercy -“This Corrosion”

Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Red Light”

Christian Death – “Romeo’s Distress”

Collect CDs of every band you hear as being referred to as “Gothik.” Who cares if you don’t like Joy Division or Dead Can Dance \? If you have the CDs, you must be Gothik! You’ll like them eventually, if you listen to them enough…

Here are some OH SO GOTHICK bands recommended to me by all of you out there in GAF land:
goth musicians

Also, go to all the concerts that the local Gothic mailing list talks about. Make sure to wear all black, and wear big boots with platform soles so you’re twenty feet tall. No talking. You have to be morose and sad and not smile. If anyone tries to make conversation, your reply should be “this show sucks” or “Bauhaus in ’86 was so much better than this.”

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