Goth Movies

Goth Movie Recommendations:

  • Titus – Incest. Cannibalism. Slaughter. Insanity. Alan Cumming in green lipstick and jett black hair. MMMM
  • The Crow – Brandon Lee and bad makeup? How can you say no??
  • Interview with the Vampire – Ann Rice…the ultimate in Modern Gothic Literature!

    goth movies

  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman in Victorian clothing? Yum!
  • Beetlejuice – Winona Rdyer inspired a whole new generation of Goths in this Tim Burton gem.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show – Spend your free time learning all the words so you can have something to do on Saturday nights.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas – Gothic claymation at it’s best!

Recommended by other Goffs:

  • Love and a .45 : Frenzied, stylish road movie in the off-beat lovers-on-the-run vein of Natural Born Killers or True Romance. Watty (Gil Bellows) and Starlene (Renee Zellweger) are our heros on the run after a botched robbery attempt when Watty and his vicious accomplice Billy (Rory Cochrane) leaves a counter girl dead, at the hands of Billy. On there trail are the demented criminals, Creepy Cody, Dinosaur Bob and Billy, who was left for dead. But our lovers are not killers, just simply misjudged.
  • Blue Velvet : After his father collapses in a preternaturally eerie sequence, college boy Kyle MacLachlan returns home and stumbles across a severed human ear in a vacant lot. With the help of sweetly innocent high school girl (Laura Dern), he turns junior detective and uncovers a frightening yet darkly compelling world of voyeurism and sex. Drawn deeper into the brutal world of drug dealer and blackmailer Frank, played with raving mania by an obscenity-shouting Dennis Hopper in a career-reviving performance, he loses his innocence and his moral bearings when confronted with pure, unexplainable evil. Isabella Rossellini is terrifyingly desperate as Hopper’s sexual slave who becomes MacLachlan’s illicit lover, and Dean Stockwell purrs through his role as Hopper’s oh-so-suave buddy.
  • Cecil B. Demented : Bitchy screen queen Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith, whose kewpie doll voice and aging baby face are right at home) is kidnapped by would-be auteur Cecil (Stephen Dorff), a slogan-spouting bottle blonde with a cult-like crew of cinema outlaws called “The Sprocket Holes.” Cecil has declared war on Hollywood with the ultimate underground movie, “Raving Beauty,” and his reluctant star Honey soon adopts her young misfit captors like a worried Mommy as her cultural cachet rises: the falling star has turned into a cult cinema rebel.
  • The Lost Boys: vampires ahoy and Kiefer Sutherland!
  • Velvet Goldmine: A colourful, non-goth movie, but one w/ a mystical hold for goths, esp. 15-year-old “bisexual” girls. About glam rock in the 70s, with a David Bowie character, a soundtrack packed w. (pretty good) pansy English music, gorgeous young bi men in velvet and glitter eyeshadow, and entire paragraphs of dialogue lifted from Oscar Wilde. There’s a character named Jack Fairy who looks like Marlene Dietrich wrapped in PVC. How can this not be somehow goth?
    It deserves a place on the page. And it’s actually a cool movie.

  • The Hunger – Bowie AND Bauhaus. Very Goth indeed.
  • Stigmata – Patricia Arquette always looks good covered in blood!
  • The Addams Family – Come on, we all know you want to be (or do) Morticia. Or Wednesday. (More Christina Ricci Goodness)
  • City of Lost Children – Insanely stylish avant-garde French flick.
  • Dark City – Spooky sci-fi filled with Hellraiser-ish trench coat freaks.
  • Sleepy Hollow – Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, corsets and velvet? :P~~~ + CHRISTOPHER WALKEN??? AUGHGH!! YUM!
  • The Craft – *snicker* the ultimate guide for witches. hahahah
  • The Hunger – “This neo-Gothic exercise in style and atmosphere is perhaps most widely known for a lesbian sex scene” (
  • Clockwork Orange
  • The Evil Dead,

    Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness– Bruce Campell. Chainsaws. Zombies. Shop smart. Shop. S-mart.

  • The Doom Generation – No one cops attitude like Rose McGowan.
  • Nowhere – IMDB describes it as ‘90210 on acid’. hahahah.
  • Hellraiser – This movie is over sampled. 😛
  • Bless the Child – I don’t think that Kim Basinger gets naked in this movie…
  • Strangeland – Learn what NOT to get pierced!
  • Lost Highway – I never fucking understood this movie. I hate D. Lynch. Except for Twin Peaks. This movie has an awesome soundtrack, though, compiled by Trent Reznor.

This just in! Startling similarities between Psychlos from Battlefield Earth and Goth-Industrial girls!

Exhibit A: The hair.

Exhibit B: Big funky boots.

Exhibit C: Fondness for oddly colored liquor

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