Cyber Goth Girls with Cyber Goth Hair

You’ve seen them around industrial and rave clubs. Those cyber goth girls with the brightly colored cyber goth hair and the 1329 things of metal in their face. Those damn CYBER GOTHS. Not quite raver, not quite industrial, but a hybrid of many different kultures rolled up into one package. There is quite an abundance of them on the internet .. perhaps too many.

cyber goth girls with cyber goth hair
“Cyber goths” are very similar to candy ravers except for the choice of darker more futuristic aesthetic and attitude, and a high interest in Futurepop.

Although they have the word ‘Goth’ in their genre identification, Cyber goths no longer listen to that type of music. They ‘evolved’ towards the bouncier synthpop side of industrial, and also may have a spattering of electronic music in their collections. The following is a list of Cybe rgoth approved bands.

Cyber Goth Accessories
It helps to have a major shopping center or several large department stores in your area in order to accessorize.
Go to a craft store and buy spools of plastic for $1.99.
Go to Wal-Mart and pick up some obnoxious blue, green or pink eyeshadow in the clearance section.
Knee high boots from Hot Topic. Demonia has recently released some boots which are ripoffs off the original transmuter designs, perfect for those on a budget.
Neon colored Fishnets.
Something with a bar code or computer chip print on it
Goggles. Who cares if they are ugly, as long as they are goggles!
LED lights from Pepboys!
UV reactive makeup

How to Spot a Cyber Goth:
Most commonly seen online, they can also be found at local industrial/goth clubs and related concerts.
They can sometimes be mistaken for candy ravers, covered with such adornments as:

  • Neon extensions made by wool, plastic, or synthetic hair. Part of their head may be shaved in order to alleviate some of the weight of all the junk in their hair, and also to hide their true hair color (which is probably brown).
  • Platform shoes or boots
  • Cyber goth clothing such as UFO pants, mesh t-shirts with tribal designs, and goggles. If they have money, then they may have DANE clothing and transmuter boots.
  • Plastic guns that light up.
  • Backpacks with cartoon characters: Blue’s clues, Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon, or a Craig Morrison rubber bug bag.
  • Enough war paint to last through another Vietnam, that is neon, UV Reactive or both.
  • Usually dancing to VNV Nation, or any form of synthpop.
  • Tattoos of Barcodes or Kanji of words they have no idea what they mean.

Operating a Cyber Goth website: A true cyber goth needs to have her own space in cyberspace!

  • The colors must be NEON blue and green with a black background.
  • You must offer overpriced hair pieces to people.
  • Constantly accuse other people of trying to ‘steal your style’
  • Japanese or futuristic font only.
  • You must have a webcam stream in which it reloads every 30 seconds. Make sure it only shows your face and your cyber goth hair, since those are probably your best features anyway.
  • Your internet alias must consist of a combination of cuteness yet coreness. For example, the words ‘kitten’ and ‘angel’ can be paired with ‘virus’or ‘tekno’.

Cyber Goth Attitude: Now you have the website and look, make sure you have the right attitude!!
Cyber Goth Girls with their Cyber Goth Hair

  • You are better than everyone because you are more stylish, have clothes from London, and hair that will last long after your body has decayed.
  • Anyone that looks cyber goth online/at the clubs that you are not friends with is obviously trying to steal your style.
  • Spend all of your money on toys other cutesy anime stuff that you don’t really need. Since you still live with your parents anyways, needing to pay rent doesn’t matter.
  • Only hang around other cyber goths. You don’t want to be associated with typical goths because you don’t listen to their crappy music, but don’t want to be associated with the boring, utilitarian style of the rivetheads.
  • Your favorite show on TV should be Dark Angel because it’s about a cyber looking chick that fights villians with a barcode tattoo on her neck. You also secretly love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Star Trek.
  • All you need is Fruityloops, a midi output, and a vocoder and you too can have your own cyber music.
  • Sell a piece of your clothing on Ebay or Gothic Auctions followed by the search tag ‘cyber goth’ and people will think that because you labeled it that, they have to buy it.

Clubs: Now you have the look and attitude, time to hit the clubs!

  • Batcave in New York city is the ultimate place for hot cyber goths. They actually pay people to look cyber goth and shake their thang on stage. Please do not use these people as ideas on modeling your own cyber goth look.
  • Das Bunker in Los Angeles also has a considerable amount of cyber looking people. But even if you look the same as them, they won’t talk to you.
  • Slimelight in the UK is cyber goth central. But at least people there have a sense of style. UV Reactive makeup and clothing are at their height in London – wear all white and you’ll be fine.

Cyber goth dance: Make sure to shake your booty at the club, but not TOO hard as to not disrupt your precarious hairstyle!

  • Just dance like a raver. No one will be able to tell the difference because they will be too distracted by all the war paint on your face. Please refer to rivetbitch dancing tips.
  • To make up for your poor dancing techniques, you should have a plethora of raver toys to make it seem like you can dance. Glow sticks will do the trick. Try tying a glow stick to string and whirling it around. Please use caution, as you don’t wish to smack an easily angered rivethead with said glow stick.
  • If you aren’t sure how to dance, then you should dance like you are a chicken. Keep your hands partially to your sides, and drag either your left or right foot all the way back as if you are scratching the ground. b0k b0k b0k.

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