Emo Music
If you’re truly emo, then surely your library must consist of mp3’s and burned CD’s of At the Drive-In, Jets to Brazil, and for the daring, Radiohead.

You’re not emo if you still listen to Sunny Day Real Estate or Fugazi because they’re old school and you have to be new school to act cool and impress all those worthless friends who hate you anyway.

The golden pinnacle of an emo man’s life is to live to forty while mooching off your parents and clutching their inheritance so you can go to emo concerts in the future and listen to the same old derivative music that got its start in the punk movement back in the 70’s. Uh oh, did I say the 70’s? I mean the 90’s. If any emo music you listen to has its roots in anything before 1998, then you’re old school and therefore not emo.

There is a plethora of emo/indie rock music out there. This site only concentrates on the BEST emo bands ever. Fugazi? That’s old school!

Blink 182 – Some people debate whether or not BLINK 182 is EMO or Punk. If you pay attention to their lyrics, you will find that they are indeed emo. Their songs are not about anarchy or fucking up the UK, they are whiney and don’t make sense .. that means that they are emo.

Brandtson – isn’t that a town in Missouri?

Dashboard Confessional – All I have to say is. WTF. Does he ever get the girl? Probably not, because he’s a whiney emo fag.

Good Charlotte -they are emo, but look goth/punk. If anything they just have a nice aesthetic.

Jimmy Eat World – They are the ultimate EMO band. If you do not know that song ‘In the Middle’ then you are simply not EMO. In fact, everyone in the free world should know that song.

Juliana Theory – let’s just say that no male band should have a woman’s name in it.

New Found Glory – You have to love a band that does a cover of ‘Back That Ass Up’ by Juvenille.

Saves the Day – Could be good if A: it wasn’t whiney. B: the lyrics made sense C: See previous two reasons.

The Get up Kids – They got beat up by a nazi gang for being too whiney. Do I need to articulate?

Weezer – Classic emo, perhaps the founding fathers of EMO. They are analogous to what Bauhaus is to goth.

Your band – all you need is a guitar and a drum machine… oh yes .. and angst. Play your demo tapes for all your friends and watch them as they pretend to care.

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