• Like emo guys, emo girls should also wear wristbands, especially if they’re colored all sorts of happy colors. While it might confuse people as to whether you’re a raver, piercing your ears like 2983492 times and wearing babydoll shirts with “Unhappy Chick” written on them will eliminate confusion.
  • If you’re an emo girl and you look good, then you’re doing something wrong! Gaining a boatload of weight, or slimming down to the width of a pencil will help you look like you’re just not good enough to be happy with a significant other.
  • You must own 3128912 guitars to give off that “I’m in a band” look. So what if you can’t play, you LOOK like you can.
  • Carry around a poetry book and whenever you see your emo soulmate, read them the poem that you wrote for them.

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