Raver Candy

Bangles and Glitter and Raver Candy!

People can identify you as a cute little Raver by the things you adorn your body with.

    Raver Candy

  • Whistle – The Raver mating call!
  • Pacifier – accentuates the “kid” in “candykid”. Bonus points if it has LED lights built in!
  • Large assortment of colored and glittery bracelets – as a raver, you are required to sparkle!
  • Lollipops, nerds, and other colorful, high sugar candies that you ate as a kid. Who needs drugs to get high when you can overdose on SUGAR?? TRUE raver candy. In fact, go for a 2-for-1 hit and get literal raver candy bracelets!

Ravers love glitter. Sparkly things attract their attention very easily, especially when on ecstasy!

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