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Insta Punk Poster Child

I was formerly a Goth under Mistress Darque Raven fame, but now I realized that all these fucking sellout goths fucking suck my ass turds and I'm a hardcore punk rawker!

I am Anarchy's Child, punker than all the other stupid fucks in the world! Oi! All these other fucking sellout pansy kids can lick my ballsack because THEY SUCK! These are pictures of the new improved punk rawk me. I'm so hardcore I pierced my lip in 2 places! And you can't see, but I'm wearing a Ramones shirt because the Ramones are PUNK TO THE FUCKING CORE!!!

I'm getting off this fucking sellout internet shit and I'm going to go be destructive and reek havoc on the city and kill some chickens, because THE GOVERNMENT SUCKS! And FUCK YOU!

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